Articles in magazine Lin Ka Chun 管楽器専門月刊誌「PIPERS」476号 香港の吹奏楽の歴史-第二次世界大戦前の香港の吹奏楽 管楽器専門月刊誌「PIPERS」477号 香港の吹奏楽の歴史-広州とマカオからの影響 管楽器専門月刊誌「PIPERS」478号 香港の吹奏楽の歴史-戦後の香港吹奏楽-変転時代 管楽器専門月刊誌「PIPERS」479号 香港の吹奏楽の歴史-戦後から現代までの管楽の発展

As an independent curator and researcher, Vivian works with universities and art organizations to develop curatorial projects that encourage multiple narratives of local history, articulated through creative means. She trained as a historian at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and particularly interested in exploring

Benny Lim (Singaporean) is an academic, cultural mediator, and theatre practitioner. He is currently a Professional Consultant and Director of the Master of Arts in Cultural Management programme in the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). His previous